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RENO (17 Dec. 2003) — The Reno City Council today unanimously granted Charter Communications an extension of its now-expired 15-year franchise.

The city's Citizens Cable Compliance Committee (CCCC) voted to oppose the previous extension and has since been barred from considering franchise renewal matters.

CCCC members Chuck Lanham and Noel Thornsberry attended the Reno City Hall hearing with Chairman Andrew Barbano. Councilmember Dave Aiazzi , liaison to the CCCC, was the only official to ask a question. He asked Mr. Barbano for the identity of his mystery expert with decades of experience.

" I told Councilman Aiazzi I'd make him a deal, " Barbano said, "I'd ask that person to reveal his (or her) identity if the council would open up the negotiating process to the public.

"No sale."

The council then voted unanimously for a 60-day extension.

The council further directed staff to have six negotiation sessions within that 60 days. They want the franchise wrapped up.

No one made any comment as to whether or not the city and its ratepayers are getting anything for their trouble. After the September extension, Mr. Aiazzi told CCCC members Barbano and Barbara Stone that there are very good, albeit secret, reasons for granting the extension.

The Dec. 17 Reno City Council meeting will rerun beginning at 10:00 a.m. on both Thursday, Dec. 18, and Sunday, Dec. 21, on SNCAT/Charter Cable Channel 13 in Sparks-Reno. The cable franchise extension is discussed toward the end of the first hour (a few minutes after the Pop Warner football teams depart).

Washoe County's one-year franchise extension expires this month. We have asked the county for a status report. Sparks apparently continues to sit on its collective rump.

There are Sparks activists who want a cable committee established, but thus far they've been told that whatever is organized, if anything, will be done as part of the omnibus Sparks citizens advisory committee. That body has an open-ended number of members and is famous for identity crises — "what are we supposed to do and why do we exist?" It's developed a reputation for being an advisory body that seldom advises. When TMCC political science Prof. Fred Lokken chaired it in the mid-90s, he didn't think it should make any recommendations to the busy councilmembers. Go figure.

More as matters progress or regress.

Happy holidays.

Be well. Raise hell.

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