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November meeting canceled
Issues carried forward to Dec. 16

Nov. 18, 2003

TO: Mayor and members of the Reno City Council        Citizen/Ratepayer lists
       Selected media and city staff
FROM: Andrew Barbano, Chair
RE: Cancellation of November meeting

CANCELLATION — The City of Reno's Citizens Cable Compliance Committee monthly meeting scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 18, at Reno City Hall, has been canceled due to the illness of one member, time conflicts of others, and the fact that we remain a member short. Any Reno resident wishing to serve may contact City Clerk Lynnette Jones at (775) 334-2030 for an application, or go to the city's website.

We will next meet on Tuesday, Dec. 16, at 6:30 p.m. in the council chambers at Reno City Hall. It will be cablecast live on SNCAT/Charter Cable Channel 13 in Reno-Sparks. The November agenda will carry over to December with some potential additions as indicated, below, and undoubtedly others by showtime.

My personal apologies for any inconvenience this last-minute notice may cause. Please consider signing up for our mailing list.

Happy Thanksgibleting.

Stay tuned and stay in touch.

Be well. Raise hell.

Andrew Barbano
CCCC Chair

November 18, 2003
6:30 PM
Reno City Hall
490 South Center Street, Council Chambers
Reno, Nevada 89501

The announcement of this meeting is posted at Reno City Hall at 490 South Center Street, City of Reno Community Development Building at 450 Sinclair Street, the Washoe County Library Downtown branch, the City of Reno Public Works Department, 4th Floor and Paine-Webber Building at 350 South Center Street.


We are pleased to make reasonable accommodations for members of the public who are disabled and wish to attend meetings. If you should require special arrangements for the meeting, please contact (775) 334-3112 at least 24 hours prior to meeting date.


  1. * Roll Call
  2. * Report from Council Liaison — Council Member Dave Aiazzi.
  3 * Public Comment — Limited to no more than (3) minutes. The public may comment by making a request to speak to the CCCC Recording Secretary.
  4. Approval of minutes of August 28th and October 23rd CCCC meetings.
  5. Election of new Recording Secretary. [12/16 -- CHANGE TO "ELECTION OF OFFICERS"]
  6. Report from Rick Vandenberg [12/16 - AND LARRY FARR] on Emergency Alert System (EAS). Submission of FCC information on EAS from Steven Wright.
  7. Discussion and action regarding elimination of all subcommittees after advice from City Attorney of open meeting law requirements and potential amendments to CCCC bylaws.
  8. Report from Charter Communications regarding implementation of high definition (HDTV) in Reno.
9. Report from Steven Wright on monitoring systems by other communities to report outages.
 10. Report from Steven Wright regarding cable-specific reports generated as part of the city's new call center computer program.
 11. Report from City of Reno on outreach to community regarding where to file cable complaints. [12/16: Discussion of promotion of RenoDirect citizen inquiry intake system, per 10-23-2003 CCCC request; minutes at page 3.]
 12. Discussion of a recommendation to the Reno City Council that it order Charter Communications into compliance regarding its required annual notice to cable ratepayers per Reno City Code Section 5.90.1370.
 13. [12/16 — Resolution requesting that the Reno City Council direct its negotiators to include in any new cable (CATV) franchise a requirement that qualified cable service provider representatives attend all CCCC meetings.]
 14. Report from Charter Communications regarding policies for granting line extensions to new customers.
Identification of agenda items for future meetings of the CCCC.
 16. Adjournment

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